Welcome to Derek Montalvo’s blog that is all about Mullinax Ford of Mobile! Here you will find various videos. The following videos are live “un-cut” purchase testimonials of consumers who have purchased their automobile from Mullinax Ford of Mobile and myself.

Do not hesitate to reach out and let know how I may assist with any aspect(s) of the automobile buying process.

I am eager and more than happy to assist you with your automobile purchase transaction!

You may TEXT me directly on my mobile telephone number at (251) 391-7354.

My direct office telephone number is (251) 414-1219 or my email address dmontalvo@mullinaxford.com.

Purchasing an automobile should be an enjoyable experience. Allow me to make your car-buying experience a pleasant one!

Feel free to fill out the contact information form below and I will personally follow up with you!

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reviews written by previous customers: http://www.cars.com/dealers/147942/mullinax-ford-lincoln/reviews

One again, thank you for considering Mullinax Ford of Mobile and me, Derek Montalvo.

  • We have researched pricing of vehicles in our market, and we’re proud to position our pricing even lower.
  • Our Up Front pricing has been proven to be lower than what you expect to pay after spending hours negotiating.
  • This is a positive way for the consumer to purchase a vehicle without frustrating, back-and-forth negotiations with the salesperson.
  • In addition to our low Up Front Price, we never charge a dealer fee.
  • Our volume of inventory allows us to pass on Sam’s Club type pricing to the consumer.

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We make buying an automobile so easy for consumers who live in Alabama as well as ALL out of state customers. If you live in Florida, Mississippi, or any other state in the U.S. we do not charge Alabama sales tax.

Whatever the sales tax rate is for your state in which you are registering your automobile is what you would pay. We have an accounting department here at the dealership.

Our accounting department (after your sales tax is paid at the dealership) will overnight your sales tax to your local tag office. So the process for purchasing an automobile is super simple for everyone.

In the event that you should have additional questions pertaining to this please do feel free to reach out directly.

My direct telephone number is (251) 391-7354 or (251) 414-1219.

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