What is Up Front® Pricing?

Shouldn’t purchasing a truck or car be an enjoyable experience?

An experience that you look forward to…

At Mullinax Ford we’ve designed a streamlined process where purchasing an automobile is extremely simplistic and non-confrontational.



Up Front® Pricing means that we list all of our automobiles at the absolute lowest selling price. We’ve eliminated the entire negotiating process from purchasing an automobile.

Most of our automobiles are priced better than vehicles within a 300 – 500 mile radius. We work off of being a HIGH VOLUME selling dealership. This way we do not have to mark our automobiles up in price. We get the selling price by analyzing the market supply, reviewing KBB, NADA, Black Book and what the automobiles that are similarly equipped are going for.

We do not negotiate on the selling prices for any of our automobiles however on the flip side to this we do not charge a documentary fee as other organizations.

There are organizations that charge a document fee of $899 +.

By not charging a dealer fee you are able to save!

Mullinax Ford has revolutionized the entire automobile purchasing experience by not charging dealer fees and not negotiating.

Most consumers appreciate how we conduct business and what we’re all about.

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 I’d love to assist you purchase your next new or used automobile.

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