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What does it mean when Mullinax Ford indicates that we offer Up Front® Pricing?

We’re so glad that you asked…

This is what we mean when we advertise Up Front® Pricing. What the Up Front® Pricing means is that we list all of our automobiles (new & used) at the absolute lowest possible selling price. We’ve taken the 1-3 hour negotiating process out of the automobile buying experience.

Most of our automobiles are priced better than vehicles within a 300 – 500 mile radius. We work off of being a HIGH VOLUME selling dealership. This way we do not have to mark our automobiles up in price. We get the selling price by analyzing the market supply, reviewing KBB, NADA, Black Book & what the automobiles that are similarly equipped are going for.

So we do not have room to negotiate on any of our automobiles however on the flip side to this we do not charge a dealership doc fee as ALL dealerships do. There certainly are dealership organizations that charge a doc fee of $899. We do not charge a doc fee. So most consumers, once they find out what we are all about typically appreciate how we do business. You may review our reviews written by customers here:

One again, thank you for considering Mullinax Ford of Mobile.

If you’d like to view a few  video testimonials of Mullinax Ford of Mobile consumers who have purchased from Mullinax Ford of Mobile you may click here.

 In addition to this there is a specific You Tube Page that is dedicated solely to Mullinax Ford of Mobile. In the event that you would like to view this you may do so by
  • We have researched pricing of vehicles in our market, and we’re proud to position our pricing even lower.
  • Our Up Front pricing has been proven to be lower than what you expect to pay after spending hours negotiating.
  • This is a positive way for the consumer to purchase a vehicle without frustrating, back-and-forth negotiations with the salesperson.
  • In addition to our low Up Front Price, we never charge a dealer fee.
  • Our volume of inventory allows us to pass on Sam’s Club type pricing to the consumer.

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Let us make your car-buying experience a pleasant one.

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If you need help with any aspect of the buying process, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you in any way. Whether through email, phone or in person, we’re here to help you get the customer service you deserve.

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